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The Chem Service Team

Chem Service, Inc., established in 1962, is the largest independent supplier of analytical reference materials and the original source of small quantities of organic chemicals.  For over 50 years, we have provided small quantities (under 10 grams) of highly purified organic and inorganic chemicals, solutions and mixtures, and chemical kits, to be used as analytical and reference materials, and for other laboratory purposes. Our domestic and international customers are found in the chemical, governmental, food quality, agricultural, and life science research communities.

Dr. Lyle Phifer - Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Phifer is one of the original founders of Chem Service. He is an expert in the field of certified reference materials and has been recognized on numerous occasions for his work. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, serves on the ACS Committee on Analytical Reagents and contributes to each edition of the ACS handbook, "Reagent Chemicals." He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Deb Shields - President

Deb was named President for Chem Service, Inc. as of December 2, 2014. Since joining the organization in 1996, Deb has held various positions in Chem Service as an Assistant Sales Manager, Accounts Payable Manager and VP of Operations before being promoted to President. Prior to Chem Service, Inc., Deb spent 25-years in the accounting field. Deb has her Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration. In her spare time, Deb enjoys attending any and all sporting events and partaking in outdoor activities especially hiking and camping.

Christopher Boyd - Vice President

Christopher has joined Chem Service as the Sales and Marketing Manager. Before joining Chem Service, Christopher worked as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator for a healthcare software/hardware firm, as well as, a Site Manager for a staffing organization. Christopher has a MBA in Global Management.

Alan Murray - Analytical Manager

Alan has been with Chem Service, Inc. since 1989. Currently, he is the Analytical Manager, whose responsibilities include monitoring and controlling suitable process parameters in order to maintain and improve the quality of the company's product. Alan obtained his Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemistry from West Virginia University. Alan enjoys sporting events and most of all the golf course.

Dr. James Huang - Synthesis Chemist

Dr. Huang has recently joined Chem Service as Synthesis Chemist and Department Head. His position includes such responsibilities as synthesizing pesticides, metabolites and other organic chemicals that are not otherwise available for purchase. For the past 20 years he has worked as a Senior Scientist gaining experience in the design, execution, evaluation and optimization of organic syntheses. Dr. Huang has a PhD from the institute of Material Medicine as well as a MS from the China Pharmaceutical University. He is a member of the American Chemical Society and has over 20 published papers.

Mike Pifferitti - Chemist

Mike joined Chem Service in 2000. His position entails preparing all solutions including catalog items and custom standards. Mike received his Bachelor's of Science in Organic Chemistry from Indiana University. He continued to further his education at the University of Texas where he received his Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry. In his spare time, Mike enjoys attending sporting events, especially Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles games.

John Pullekines - Production Manager

John first joined Chem Service in 1985 as a lab technician, then he was promoted to Assistant Production Manager. In 1987 John was promoted to the position he currently holds, Production Manager. As Production Manager, John's responsibilities include ensuring customers receive the correct items ordered in a safe and timely fashion and managing personnel in the shipping and filling departments. John received his Associates Degree in Science from Delaware County Communty College and obtained his BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.